Google is about to do the unthinkable and add its own ad blocker to Chrome


Google is planning to add its own ad blocker to its popular Chrome web browser, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

The move would be unprecedented with Google itself being hugely dependant on ad revenue and is likely to raise questions on how the search engine giant exercises its power over online advertising rivals.

The ad blocker will be rolled out to both the desktop and mobile versions of Chrome and rather than blocking ads completely would filter out ads that are considered a nuisance or not to provide a good experience to users.

For example, video ads which automatically play sound, as well as ads which pop up on your screen include a counts down before you can access the page you want to visit could be blocked by Google’s new ad blocker.

The report also says that Google is yet to decide whether the ad blocker would simply block the one offending ad or ads from the page entirely.

Despite still being in development, the ad blocking feature could be rolled out within the next couple of weeks, people close to the matter told the Wall Street Journal.

Of course if Google adds an ad blocker to Chrome it could work against Google’s business interests, given that the firm earns billions every year from revenue generated from online advertising.

However, it is unlikely that Google will want any move to block ads in Chrome to work against its favour.

The addition of a built in ad blocker in Chrome could also be a strategic move by Google, helping it to get ahead of rivals in online advertising, as well as the third party ad block providers, of which Google has no control over.

It could also help to raise the quality or standard of online ads across the board, improving the experience for both advertisers and users.

According to the latest data from Netmarketshare, Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, used by 58.64 percent of internet users.


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