Google is about to reinvent the copy and paste function


People who use Chrome on their smartphone or tablet are about to having on the biggest annoyances of using Google’s web browser solved.

Copy and paste is far harder on a smartphone or tablet, especially if it has a small screen, than it is on a PC or laptop.

Tapping on the correct letters can be difficult and fiddly but it appears now there is help at hand.

The new feature will be known as Copyless Paste, and has already started being rolled out on Android devices, so it was claimed by VentureBeat.

The tool takes information from Chrome and puts it into other Google made apps such as Google Maps.

It works by by providing suggestions for the text you want to paste based on your recent activity.

For example, if you had recently been looking on the website of a restaurant and then switched to Google Maps, Copyless Paste would offer up the name of the restaurant as a paste suggestion.

Google say that the data is only stored locally on your device so they never receive the information.

The feature also won’t work in Incognito Mode, with information in those browser tabs still remaining hidden.

Google has reportedly been testing Copyless Paste for some time and its release may just coincide in with a new version of Chrome.

It seems that Google have been pushing hard to get this completed as Apple will be releasing a feature very similar soon.

For now, however, the Copyless Paste feature is only available in the developer version of Chrome, but it is expect it to be rolled out to the full version in the not too distant future.

This latest news comes just after researchers found a major security glitch in Google’s web browser.

The glitch meant that hackers could display fake domain names in the URL bar, meaning that fraudulent sites could be easily disguised as legitimate ones.

This makes detecting phishing attacks hard to recognise as it appears to be a genuine HTTP. This has led to users entering payment details into fake sites, where hackers steal information.


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