Google is Giving Mobile Developers More Advertising Options


Google is now giving Android app developers more advertising options. The search engine giant hopes the new range of options will improve app installations. The biggest – and most welcomed – change is that Google now makes it easier for developers to advertise on its Google Display Network through app promo advertisements and videos.

Today, Google Display Network advertisements are displayed on 2 million websites. Now, developers can advertise not only on mobile applications, but on mobile websites as well.

Prior to today’s launch, Google tested its new feature and developers saw a 28% increase in installations on average. Google hasn’t shared the number of testers involved, so it’s hard to say if this number is relevant.

Starting today, developers can also advertise in-app using Video App Promo Ads. This new feature allows developers to display an interstitial video ad that shows what a mobile game or app looks like.

GREE International was one of Google’s early testers, and the company says it boosted its app install ads by 81%. The results? GREE found that in-app videos had a 10% higher install rate, and the cost-per-install was 40% lower than other ad formats.

All of these new features will be rolling out today. Only time will tell if developers will benefit from Google’s new advertising options.


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  1. Rebecca Vega on

    Everyone has been really hard on AdMob of late for trailing more high profile ad tech innovators like Airpush, Facebook and Yahoo, but this just proves that Google is still in the game. Still waiting, though, to find out more about the native mobile ad option. That’s been in beta for a while now and Google is definitely behind the pack on native mobile advertising.