Google is killing off one of its oldest products, cutting off millions of users


Google has confirmed it will retire Google Talk after several years fine service having got most of us to start chatting when we first opened our Gmail accounts.

The messenger service often known as Gchat will be replaced by Hangouts.

After June 26, users who have not updated their Gmail suites to Hangouts will automatically be forced to switch from Google Talk and the app will subsequently be discontinued.

The messenger service started back in the early 2000s in a different era when desktop computers were still king.

However, times have changed with smartphones now taking a more prominent role in internet usage and so companies have had to reinvent themselves and produce new products to fit the marketplace.

Google’s strategy on messaging apps is a bit of a mess.

The tech giant has several chat apps available all of which offer a variety of different things, but none of which truly rival the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or even LINE.

Hangouts the most commonly used but Google Duo and Allo were also introduced last year.

While Duo aims users who frequently use video or audio chat, Allo has been promoted as a new age smart messenger with in-built Google Assistant for users help.

Google also announced that it would replace SMS on Android devices with Android messages.

“We want to provide a consistent and easy-to-use SMS experience for Android users, right out of the box.

“So, we’re focused on making Android Messages the primary place to access SMS and are working with carriers and device manufacturers to include Android Messages natively in Android devices,” said the company in its official blog.

Via: The Verge


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