Google is offering free mobile friendly websites to businesses in Thailand


Great news for SME business owners in Thailand.

Google Thailand has said it will create mobile friendly websites for small and medium sized business in Thailand free of charge.

To be eligible for a free mobile ready site, businesses have to sign up to Google’s marketing and advertising service, Google AdWords

The move will help Thailand’s SMEs boost business by creating a fully functional website optimised for mobile use, but will also enable Google to establish itself early in the mobile advertising market, which is expected to grow significantly in Thailand in the coming years.

According to the Bangkok Post, Thailand has around 2.7 million SMEs but only 10 percent of those have websites, and of those, most of the sites are designed for use on desktop and are not fully optimised for use from a mobile.

However, like many countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a ‘mobile first’ country, with most people (some 70 per cent of the population) using their mobile phone to access the internet.

Last year Google launched a new tool that helps website owners test the speed and how mobile-friendly their website is.

Now Google Thailand is once again reminding business owners in the country to use the tool in order to understand if their site is fast and mobile friendly.

Google says that the average user leaves a site if the page does not load within 3 seconds.

“On average, people check their phones more than 150 times a day, and more searches occur on mobile phones than computers. But if a potential customer is on a phone, and a site isn’t easy to use, they’re five times more likely to leave,” Google said.

Google said while mobile web pages take on average around 10 seconds to load, pages in Thailand take 12 seconds.

Via: Bangkok Post & Daily News


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