Google is testing out a new feature in Google Maps that will be an absolute lifesaver if you are ever caught short


Just when you thought Google Maps had everything you could ever need, it goes one step further!

This time, Google are planning on launching a toilet tracking service to the ever popular navigation tool.

The app will first be launched in Delhi, India after Google teamed up with the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) for the project, the aim of which is to help people find clean WC facilities across the city.

The new functionality will work in a similar manner to if you were searching for a nearby restaurant or shop.

To use the new feature, users just need to type in “toilet”, “lavatory” or the Hindi words “shulabh” and “swach” to find out if there is a toilet nearby. The results will include options in shopping centres, filling stations as well as nearby hospitals, reports IBT India.

Both MoUD and Google will rely heavily on crowd sourced data to ensure that the information is kept as up-to-date and as accurate as possible.

The pilot project in Delhi is due to go live at the end of this month although Google is yet to announce when or even if it will be rolled out in other cities or countries.

The news comes after Google Maps rolled out a new ‘Traffic Nearby’, which tells you how the current traffic status and congestion may affect your journey.


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