Google issues urgent security update after TWO new Android flaws are discovered


Google has released urgent security update after two potentially very serious security flaws were discovered in its Android mobile operating system.

The new flaws are reportedly linked to the Stragefright bug and could have left hundreds of millions of Android phones and tablets vulnerable to hackers.

The Stagefright bug allowed hackers to take total control of your phone by using a malicious type of JPEG image file, which was sent to unsuspecting victims via and MMS or email.

It first hit the headlines last year when it was revealed that almost half a billion devices were left vulnerable from the bug.

The two latest flaws are similar to Stagefright in that they would allow hackers to take full control of your device, giving them access to all your files, passwords and other personal information.

However, with the new flaws, users would not even need to download a malicious file in order for their device to be infected with the bug, it could infect devices by simply being opened from a social media post or similar.

The other major flaw was just as serious, allowing hackers to execute malware or ransomware in order to gain access to personal information and apps in the infected devices.

Codenamed CVE 2016, 3861, Google confirmed the flaws have been patched and no longer pose a risk. They also added the flaws had only be designed for research purposes but took measures to issue the security updates to protect against them being exploited in the future.

The security updates are included in Android’s latest security bulletin, which is available to Nexus users right now, and will be pushed out to third party Android devices in the coming weeks.

Source: Android Security Bulletin


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