Google just made it even easier to find cheap flights and accommodation online


Google has rolled out a set of new features to Google Flights and Google Trips that will help you find the best deals on flights and accommodation online.

Flights, Google’s airline ticketing tool, now uses machine learning to track airline ticket prices and analyses historical data in order to give you a better idea of the best time to book a flight ticket.

“Google Flights can help you get out of town, even when you’re on a budget”.

“Using machine learning and statistical analysis of historical flights data, Flights displays tips under your search results, and you can scroll through them to figure out when it’s best to book flights”, Google said in a blog post.

Google says users will see tips like “prices are less than normal” and it will also tell you by how much so that you know you are looking at a good deal.

The new feature is available globally to anyone searching for flights from mobile or desktop.

Google Flights

Google Flights. Image: Google

A similar feature is also being rolled out for Hotel bookings, with tips letting you know when a hotel room rate is at its highest and even the reason why, such as if there is a national holiday or a big event happening in a particular destination.

“When you search for a hotel on Google, a new tip will appear above results when room rates are higher than usual, or if the area is busier than usual due to a holiday, music festival, or even a business conference”, Google said.

“So if you’re planning a trip to San Francisco or Las Vegas, you can make sure you’re avoiding dates when big conferences are scheduled and hotel prices tend to be high.”

Finally, Google is also updating the Google Trips app, the tech giant’s handy tool for tracking your reservations and helping you to plan everything about your tips, from things to do to how to get around.

The new update means Google Trips will also start showing you deals on tickets to attractions or tours in or around your destination.

Google Trips

Google Trips – image: Google

“Google Trips’ new Discounts feature helps you instantly access deals for ticketing and tours on top attractions and activities”, Google said.

“Book and save on a tour of the Mayan ruins near Cancun, or get priority access to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

“No matter where you’re headed, Trips makes it easy to browse and access fun stuff to do on your vacation without breaking the bank.

If you don’t already use Google Trips it is well worth trying out.

The app works by collating all your booking confirmations and reservations from your Inbox and offering you useful travel advice and tips about your destination.

It also works offline, which is very handy when you just arrive in a new country and may not have access to internet or a data connection right away.


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