Google just made Gmail even more secure – now blocks 99.9% of spam and phishing emails


Google has added a host of new features to Gmail, making it more secure than ever, blocking almost all spam and phishing emails.

The tech giant has recently introduced early phishing detection using machine learning, click-time warnings for malicious links, unintended external reply warnings, and built-in defences against new threats.

The machine learning is probably the biggest single advance as it helps Gmail to block spam and phishing messages with Google claiming that it is 99.9% accurate.

“Our detection models integrate with Google Safe Browsing machine learning technologies for finding and flagging phishy and suspicious URLs,” Google said in a blog post.

Google have taken to adopting and combining a variety of techniques, this includes reputation and similarity analysis on URLs as well as the facility to allow Google to generate new URL click-time warnings for links to phishing and malware software.

Gmail has also incorporated other features to help prevent against data loss for companies such as warnings if employees respond to someone outside their company domain.

“Because Gmail has contextual intelligence, it knows if the recipient is an existing contact or someone you interact with regularly, to avoid displaying warnings unnecessarily.”

Gmail further blocks millions of additional emails that can harm users through ransomware and polymorphic malware protection.

“We classify new threats by combining thousands of spam, malware, and ransomware signals with attachment heuristics and sender signatures.”


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