Google kills off the second most annoying thing on YouTube


Soon you will no longer have to put up with those annoying text boxes that get in the way whenever you try to watch a YouTube video.

On Thursday, the Google owned video giant announced it will be removing its annotations feature starting 2 May.

In a blog post, YouTube cited a number of reasons for killing off annotations, the most notable of which is that it said it they never worked on mobile and that usage of the feature has decreased by 70 percent as YouTubers have started to use the more effective and mobile friendly End Screens and Cards features.

YouTube’s new Cards features are essentially a less intrusive version of annotations which can be used to show links to other videos. The other feature, End Screen, appears at the end of a video and can used to link to the other videos to to encourage viewers to subscribe to a YouTube channel.

It is worth noting that any annotations that are added to YouTube before 2 May will still be displayed on desktop. However, after the deadline the option to add annotations will disappear.

The news comes after Google announced plans to do away with the most annoying on YouTube – the unskippable 30 second ads.

Last month, Google confirmed the pre-roll 30 second ads would be phased out by the end of 2018.


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