Google launches lightweight version of Gmail – but there’s a catch


Gmail GO is a new email client released by Google that promises to be a lighter version of its bigger brother Gmail found of course on Android, iOS and other mobile devices and operating systems.

This is not a replacement for the default Gmail app you all know and love, but the latest in the companies generation of ‘Go’ edition apps.

Google announced YouTube Go in the fourth quarter of 2017 as a less data reliant app than the original. Maps Go is built with the same goal in mind removing data-hungry aspects and features of the app.

The ‘Go’ editions are designed for developing countries and emerging markets who are still building their online infrastructure where internet connections can be very expensive and slow.

Facebook has similar apps including Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite and Twitter recently launched Twitter Lite in Thailand.

Modern smartphone software can be huge in size and often can cause the device to become sluggish making the ‘Go’ apps an attractive proposition for users frustrated with their current installed software, however, installing a ‘Go’ app isn’t as straightforward as you may think…

Gmail Go is built for devices that run the Android Go operating system, which installed on the more affordable smartphones in developing countries, with that in mind you may be unable to install Gmail Go on a standard Android device.

The Google Play store lists the app for Android Go users only and pushes the relevant updates to the phones that had the app pre-installed already.

If the above is true and Gmail Go is exclusive to Android Go only then it will be a shame as the app has a lot going for it.

It is considerably smaller than the regular app, the install file is less than half the size as is the storage space needed for installation.

Gmail Go although smaller still has some great features with support for multiple accounts, attachments, push notifications and support for third-party email clients.


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