Google faces lawsuit concerning Google Wallet privacy


Google has not been successful in dismissing a high profile lawsuit – one that accuses it of invading the privacy of Google Wallet users, according to Reuters.

Google Wallet breaches privacy

US District Judge Beth Labson Freeman has just ruled that Google must face claims that it breached user contracts, violated the federal Stored Communications Act (which limits disclosure of electronic records), and also violated consumer protection laws in California.

Judge Freeman says that the Google Wallet users who are bringing the suit, will be able to argue in court that the company allowed a blanket universal disclosure of personal information to app developers through the Google Play Store.

Alice Svenson, who is the lead plaintiff in the case, claims that Google has sent an unnecessary amount of personal information (including zip code and address), to the developer of YCDroid, an email app that costs $1.77.

She claims that Google stopped providing developers with customer mail address, phone numbers, email addresses and zip codes soon after the lawsuit was initially filed in September 2013.

Google has not yet commented on the case. Earlier in 2015, the company made a deal to preinstall Google Wallet on just about every new Android device in the US.

Of course, Google’s core business is advertising, and as such their whole business model is to use your personal information and browsing habits to target ads at its users. So, if you use Android and any Google services, you can hardly complain that your personal information is being misused, claim some industry experts.

SOURCE: Reuters


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