Google has made it easier for you to see all the stuff it knows about you


Google is updating its Dashboard feature, making it easier for you to see all the data and information it knows about you.

The data includes pretty much every single thing you do online, or at least across all of Google’s products and services.

This includes your web browsing history, the YouTube videos you have watched and if you use Google Maps, even places you have visited.

For some time now Google has given you the option to view the data it keeps. You can even download it and delete if you so wish.

But now, thanks to the redesigned Dashboard it is easier than ever for you to check the data Google is storing on you.

The redesign makes it much easier to access this data from a mobile device, with Google saying it looks good “on any device” and not just from a laptop or PC.

The overall look is much cleaner and easier navigate than previous versions.

“We also worked to make it easier to see an overview of the Google products you use and your data in each of them. And we made the process for downloading data much easier,” Google said in a blog post.

Within Google Dashboard you will find My Activity, which lets you review specific things you may have searched for a video you watched on YouTube.

It also includes My Account, which is home to the Privacy Check feature which lets you control your “data across Google and updating the personal information you share and make public.”

“Google Dashboard launched in 2009 to give you a snapshot of the Google products you use, all in one place,” Google said.

“You could review your Google activity in the last month, see how many emails, docs and photos you have, and get answers to questions about Gmail settings.

“Dashboard also offered quick access to select product settings and related help center articles.

“But as we built new tools like My Account and My Activity, it became clear that we needed to better integrate Dashboard into our other privacy controls. It should always be easy for you to make meaningful decisions about your data — and we decided we could do better.”

Google Dashboard will be available to all users within the coming weeks, that’s if you haven’t received it already.

H/T: ZDNet


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