Google Map Maker reopens in more than 45 countries


Google Map Maker, a popular tool that allows anyone to send in information to Google’s map service, re-opens in 45 countries after going live in 6 countries just two weeks ago. The product was closed in May when it was discovered that people were making dubious edits to maps, such as an Android robot peeing on an Apple logo.

Google’s Map Maker back online

“As part of the second phase of Map Maker’s reopening, 45 more countries are open for editing starting today,” said product manager of Map Maker, Pavithra Kanakarajan, in a Google forum post.

There are some differences now to the product than when it closed for submissions earlier in the year. Google has now chosen people to act as regional leads for each region to moderate their area and to ensure only approved modifications to the map are allowed. That’s because modifications are seen by the millions that use Google Maps each day.

Google Maps Android

The regional leads are selected based on the history and quality of their contributions to the Map Maker community and are invited to become the lead for their location. Submissions are also reviewed by an automated system that sends various edits to Google for review.

The other change is that so-called polygon editing has been disabled for the time being. Polygons on Google Maps are basically shaded areas that show where parks, forest and other areas are. They were what was used to create the famous Android peeing on the Apple logo.

To find out if Map Maker is now open in your country, visit and type your country into the form. At the time being, Map Maker is not yet open again in Thailand…

SOURCE: Google.


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