Google Maps Adds 4 New Features to iOS


Google Maps has been updated more frequently in the past year. Just last week, the app has been updated for iOS with version 4.4.0. While not a huge update, Maps now includes four new features.

The first feature is a new way to get directions. The app now includes a microphone icon that allows users to use voice to get directions. Users will be able to get directions from their current location, or ask for directions from another location.

Full-screen view is also available and removes all of the tools from the screen to allow easy viewing for users. Simply tap any empty spot on the map and the app will go into full-screen mode.

One major update for public transit users is that Google Maps has added public transit colors into the app. For example, users will be able to see a clear path of their subway or train route on the map indicated with red.

The final feature is meant for foodies. Google has implemented the Zagat restaurant rating into their app so that users will be able to view ratings without ever leaving the app. This feature is only available in metropolitan areas. Zagat ratings are not available in all cities.


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