Google Maps adds location tracking feature to iOS app, here’s how to make it stop


Google has added a feature to its Maps app on iOS that logs every place they have visited.

The feature has been available on Google Maps on desktop on Android for a while now but has only just been made available on iOS.

The feature known as ‘Your Timeline’, has a new section that contains a history section showing all the places that you have visited.

This can be viewed by date, activity or mode of transport.

For example, users could see how they travelled to Bangkok and the last time they visited.

Google says the feature helps remind users of all the cool places they’ve visited.

You can even get a monthly email of places you have visited because “sometimes you need a reminder to stop and smell the roses,” Gerard Sanz, Google Maps product manager, wrote in a blog post.

How to find Your Timeline

Your Timeline on Google Maps for iOS

Your Timeline on Google Maps for iOS

Firstly, you need to check that you have the latest version installed. To do this go to the App Store and tap on Updates.

Now open Google Maps, tap on the three lines icon in the top left and if you’re running the latest version you will see the option for “Your timeline”.

Tap on it and that’s where all the places you have recently visited will be listed. It will even tell you what date you visited and the mode of transport used to get there.

It is also possible to make amendments in the history section if the app hasn’t got it quite right or if you want to remove a specific entry from your timeline.

If that’s all a bit too creepy, here’s how to make it stop

If you don’t want Google storing information on places you have visited and keeping tabs on your every move you can make it stop.

There are two ways you can do this, either from the Google Maps app or updating the location settings in iOS.

Open Google Maps > tap on the three lines icon > Settings > Location Sharing.

Alternatively, go to Settings > Google Maps and update your location settings.


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