Google Maps on iOS updated with new sharing options


Anyone who uses an iOS device (i.e. an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) should find using Google Maps a little more useful from now on. An update to the Google Maps iOS app now allows you to share your location to more apps (not just Messages and Mail for instance), including Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Google Maps adds new sharing options

The new feature is available in Google Maps 4.8.0, and makes it much easier to send a map pin to someone on a desktop computer. Users can also broadcast their location to a friend or a specific group. It does not allow you to post pins directly in events though…

The Google Maps update also has better transit directions, with more route choices and real-time arrivals information in some areas to help you get to where you need to be at the right time. There’s also a new image gallery for specific places – tap on a photo to see a grid view of the images Google users have posted to Maps.

Whether sharing pins is something that you ever do or not, it’s pretty nice that Google is thinking a bit more about how to link Maps to other apps on the iPhone…



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