Google Maps is finally getting THE feature you’ve always wanted


The latest update to Google Maps brings with it the option to add multiple stops to your journeys.

The new feature, which is available on iOS, means that if you have an iPhone you can use the feature for the first time on version 4.21.0.

The multiple stops feature has actually been available on the desktop version of Google Maps since 2015 but has taken more than a year to make its way to mobile.

The support for multiple stops was pushed to users on Android in another recent update to Google Maps and now iPhone users can also benefit from using this helpful feature.

Google Maps multiple stops

Image: Google Maps

In order to add multiple stops to your next journey, you need to open the Google Maps app on your iPhone.

Next, enter the location of your final destination using the name, post code or GPS coordinates.

Once you’ve done that tap on the three dots in the top right and select Add Stop. You can then add as many different stops as you wish.

Once you’ve finished planning your journey, tap done and your route will be calculated.

The new feature will be handy to those embarking on long journeys or for those who need to take a detour to maybe stop for food or pick up friends on route to your final destination.

Last month, Google Maps was given a major face lift and redesign making it easier on the eye but also much easier to use.

The cleaner new look improves navigation by making important landmarks, traffic and other details standout.

Even the colour scheme was update, which despite only being a very subtle change makes points of interest much easier to distinguish.

Source: Google Maps


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