Google Maps is finally rolling out the feature we’ve all been waiting for


It has been reported that Google is in the process of adding speed limit indicators to its Android Auto and Maps apps.

The feature has been requested by users for some time and testing is already under way but this will only bring Google up to speed with their rivals Garmin and Waze.

The reason we know about this is because a helpful Google Maps user posted a screenshot on Reddit showing the speed limit sign in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Google Maps speed limits

Another photo was also share by Android Police showing the same indicator but on the bottom right hand corner of the in-car Android Auto interface.

Users in the US and UK claim that the feature was already showing briefly before disappearing a few days later.

As yet there is no clear indication when the updated version of the app will be released or what countries in will be available in.

The inclusion of the new feature will be useful for Android Auto users in the past have had to reply on third party software to inform them about local speed limits.

The news comes as Google has recently rolled out a number of new features to its ever popular navigation app.

Last month, Google added a feature that provides information on businesses and other locations when visiting a foreign country and displays the information in your native language. The has already been made available in Japan and is expected to be rolled out worldwide in the coming months.

Google also recently added a new Wi-Fi only option to help users save on data costs and roaming charges. The Wi-Fi only option is aimed at users in Thailand and other emerging markets where data connection can sometimes be unreliable and expensive.


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