Google Maps on Android gets new offline features and Micro SD storage option


Google has recently revealed a new Wi-Fi only mode for Google Maps on Android after testing the option during a limited rollout.

When the WiFi only mode is enabled it will keep the app in offline mode meaning users can save data costs and roaming charges as well as avoiding spotty cellular data.

Although Maps will be operating in offline mode, other apps such as messaging services will still be able to connect to mobile networks.

In the past, if you tried to use Maps without a data connection it didn’t work unless the region had been downloaded beforehand; however, the whole process is now a lot easier.

Google Maps on Android

Image: Google.
New offline mode now available on Google Maps on Android

The maps don’t necessarily need to be downloaded direct to the phone but can be saved on a microSD therefore saving your internal storage.

The new features, which were announced by Google on Monday, will be particularly beneficial to mobile users in the emerging markets where sometimes there are issues with connectivity not to mention the high relative price.

It should also benefit users with entry level smartphones which have limited storage space, say Google.

Google Maps on Android

Google Maps on Android now supports info from Uber and Grab taxi

The latest update to Google Maps on Android will also help those looking to hail a taxi as it supports Uber along with Go-Jek in Indonesia and Grab, which operates in a number of countries in
Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

For users in Europe, the new feature will work with My Taxi which operates in Israel, Poland, Austria, Ireland and Russia.


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