Google Maps updated, adds Android Wear improvements


Google Maps was updated to version 9.9 today, and the update adds a Google Maps app on Android Wear devices (such as the Moto 360), a translucent status bar (at last!), and more…

Google Maps on Android Wear smartwatches

Perhaps the main thing about the update is that Google has now added a Google Maps application for Android Wear devices. It’s hard to believe that there wasn’t a proper maps app already for Android Wear, but now there is real support for browsing maps rather than just step-by-step navigation.

However, it’s currently limited to any Android Wear devices on Android 5.1.1 (only the LG Watch Urbane currently), but the newest version should be available on more watches soon.

Android Wear Smart Watches

This was actually a feature that Google included in screenshots of Android Wear 5.1.1 back in April, which led many fan sites to the conclusion that the feature would be available in a Maps update, which has now obviously been confirmed. It’s just a shame that it won’t work unless you’re running Android 5.1.1.

Perhaps the whole issue of Google Maps on Android Wear devices is moot anyway, because hardly anyone buys Android Wear smartwatches…

Also in the Android Google Maps update is a ‘material design’ style translucent status bar, as well as notification cards that pop up from the bottom of the app to provide a summary of your drive.

Google Maps 9.9 should be available on the Play Store by the time you read this…



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