Google Maps update on iOS brings a host of useful new features


Google has been quietly overhauling Google Maps on both Android and iOS throughout 2016.

This week, the tech giant added two new features to its popular navigation app for iPhone users.

What is interesting about the new update is the fact that some recently added widgets such as Travel Times and Transit have been removed from the latest update with no reason being given for the move.

However, these widgets have been replaced with new alternatives in version 4.25.0 of the app.

The new version iOS widget now includes traffic time for your location and can be accessed by swiping left on either your Lock Screen or Home Page on the iOS 10 device.

A small map will appear showing where there is traffic congestion close to your current location. A caption will also appear for those who are a little unsure such as: “Light traffic in your area. Faster than usual.”

The advantage of this is that you can check on the state of the roads without having to login to your device and launch Google Maps.

A second advantage is that you can check for places along your route whilst still using the turn-by-turn navigation feature.

It was back in August of this year that iPhone users were finally able to add multiple stops to when planning their trips – something that had been available on Android since earlier in the year and had been available on the web version since 2015.

To use this facility, you need to tap on the Search icon and select from a list of categories including Restaurants, Gas Stations or alternatively by typing in a place name.

The results will then be plotted along your existing route as well as being added to the turn-by-turn navigation.


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