This year’s Nexus may be made by Chinese company Huawei


New rumours have done the rounds today saying that Google and Huawei (typically pronounced as “who are we”) are collaborating on this year’s new Nexus smartphone. It’s said that the device will be launched later this year, likely in the autumn. If the rumours are indeed true, it would be the very first time a Chinese manufacturer has been selected to make the purists’ Google smartphone, free from third-party bloatware and custom skins.

Huawei to make new Nexus?

It’s definitely not the first time that Huawei has been linked to the Nexus. In fact, there have been rumours of a Huawei-made Nexus several times in the past. This year’s Nexus lineup has also been shrouded in uncertainty. There might even be a smaller, new Nexus 5 launched at the same time as the larger flagship device this time around.

In any case, a report cited today by The Verge speculates that Huawei and Google are involved in more than just releasing the 2015 Nexus. Talks are already going on for Huawei to assist Google in launching a Chinese app store. Google’s Play Store is currently severely restricted in china – developers can upload apps to sell internationally but consumers can’t download anything.

If the partnership bears fruit, a digital store would mean a huge number of Android customers would be able to get more content. In fact, more than half of the Android users in the world are based in China. If Huawei can get a new store launched with Google that passes the Chinese censors, that could be a huge revenue generating cash cow for the search giant.

In exchange for this kind of assistance in China, it’s claimed that Google will help Huawei market its smart watch in the west. But nevertheless, a Nexus phone with the Huawei logo on the back would certainly boost the company’s reputation in the US.




  1. Peter Ineichen on

    Aren’t Huawei phones suspected of having a backdoor built in to allow a Chinese government agency to hack into these phones?

  2. Giles Peach on

    Yes, they are. I would never buy one.

    I am far more interested in the smaller ‘Nexus 5’ rumoured to be coming from LG. If it has G4 like specs and camera, but a slightly smaller screen,, it would be a wonderful machine.

  3. ExoPolitic on

    & what do you think Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc etc…. Do?? Checkout something called PRISM for starters & you might suddenly realise this had been going on for a LONG Time with the NSA, MI5-6, Mossad & numerous other Security Services…
    & Your worried about China? I think some of you need to wake up a little!
    & as a phone manufacturer,I can Honestly say owning a Mate 7 Deluxe is probably the best mobile I’ve ever owned (although it’s camera could be better!) It’s head & shoulders above the iPhone 6 I bought for the Mrs & the numerous other market leading phones I’ve owned in the past.
    Yr just Pandering to Typical U.S.scare mongering the same as they did with Japanese electronics in the 80’s/90’s & Korean from the mid 90’s… Just remember Huawei are already BIGGER than Samsung! & not small fry owning a number of other mobile companies such as Oppo & One Plus..
    Time to educate & maybe put your ill founded media driven prejudices to the side me thinks….! 😉