Google No-CAPTCHA offers quick fix to one of the internet’s most annoying problems


Google has announced an overhaul of its CAPTCHA system.

If you’re not familiar with CAPTCHA, you will no doubt have been annoyed by its presence at one time or another when surfing the web.

CAPTCHA is the system which is used across the internet to try and help differentiate if a person is an actual human being or merely a spammer/automated bot trying to spam an online account, email or website.

A regular CAPTCHA form looks something like this:

Google No CAPTCHA will replace this

The idea behind this kind of CAPTCHA is that humans are more capable of deciphering the random numbers or letters over say  an automated computer program, the likes of which are often used by spammers.

However, a report published on the Google blog earlier this year actually found that the automated bots used today are now so advanced they are almost just as good as humans at working out the code.

Thankfully, rather than having to try and squint at the almost illegible and distorted words or numbers, Google has come up with a new and altogether better solution.

Software engineers at the internet giant have come up with a simple check box that requires just a click of the mouse or tap of a finger if you’re using a mobile device, which will look something like this:



The new Google No-CAPTCHA seems so simple that you could be forgiven for wondering why something so straightforward hasn’t been used before as a way combatting internet spammers.

Well, according to Google, the simplicity in No-CAPTCHA is thanks to the highly complex and thorough algorithm which powers the backend of the new system.

Google No-CAPTCHA will be rolled out immediately and is already in place on some WordPress and Joomla sites.

However, before you get too excited, we haven’t as yet seen the last of the old annoying CAPTCHA just yet, as it will still be used on occasions when the Google algorithm decides it need to deploy additional checks to prove you’re not a bot.

Here is a video on No-CAPTCHA from the Google blog:

Have you seen the new No-CAPTCHA on any sites yet?





  1. In the above demo screen shots, the turkey matches on the first one, but on the second there’s no match to the cat. Is that intentional?

  2. Steve Abbott on

    How is this news ? Some websites have been using this method for years.