Google announces smart OnHub wireless router


Google just published a blog announcing OnHub, a wireless router that it developed with router company TP-LINK, which it claims provides a Wi-Fi experience that is “fast, secure, and easy to use”.

Google OnHub wireless router

Google says that the most important aspect of the new OnHub router is a unique antenna design and smart software, that constantly searches for good signals around your home. Basically that means it looks for the ideal frequency channel to deliver data at the fastest speed and least interference. The router will apparently adjust things as needed and can also prioritise a certain device to get the best connection.

For example, if you have people over and are watching a movie on a streaming box, it will give that device priority over everything else. Interference can come from all kinds of things in your home – such as concrete walls and your neighbours’ Wi-Fi networks, as well as microwave ovens – slowing down things or causing connectivity issues.

Google OnHub and PhoneBesides the unique way it says it delivers Wi-Fi, its setup and management is said to be easy. Via the Google On mobile app you can see in real-time how much bandwidth all your connected devices are using, as well as send the password to friends and get assistance setting up and managing the OnHub when issues occur.

The OnHub router also has a very sleek design that uses a special glowing ring of light that is actually very useful. Google hopes the OnHub will be an attractive piece of hardware that you’ll want to show off and place higher up than on the floor (where it’s also harder to distribute a good signal).

OnHub can be pre-ordered for $199.99 in the US at places such as the Google Store and Amazon. It will also be available in retail stores in the US and Canada in the next few weeks.

SOURCE: Google.


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