Google launches new Google Photos service


Google has just launched a new photos app called Google Photos. It aims to improve the way that users store and organise photos, especially for those people with a huge photo collection. The three main concepts it offers are a secure home for content, organisation and sharing.

Google Photos is available from today for iOS, Android and the web.

Google Photos simplifies photos

You can also edit photos in the app, and create collages, animations and stories. Google also says that the app becomes smarter over time. It learns faces and will organise them based on people, as well as places and things.

Photos looks similar to Photos in Google+, but just without the unnecessary social media side of things. There’s a pinch to zoom feature just like Apple’s Photos app, and zooming in and out can take you to a more detailed view. It also supports up to 16 megapixel photos and full HD 1080p videos.

Also, you do not need to tag or label photos to make an album. When you want to find a specific shot, do a search to instantly find any photo. The grouping is private by default.

Photos also uses Assistant, which helps to manage your photos, while videos made from photos and video are also created automatically.

Photos can be downloaded here for iOS and here for Android. Sorry, Windows Phone owners.

SOURCE: The Next Web.


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