Google could be about to release its own games console – here’s what you need to know


The gaming world is rife with rumours about a Google games console and cloud gaming platform that may be on the horizon, here’s what we know.

In February this year, a report on the Reuters website stated, Alphabet Inc’s Google was working on a new service codenamed Yeti that would put Google at the forefront of a new part of the video game business that lets people play games as they’re being streamed, rather than using downloads or discs.

Reuters also said in the report, “The plan that Google has been working on involves the use of its cloud servers to broadcast the games to users over the internet.

“Google has discussed Yeti with game developers, but it is unclear whether any of them will develop a game specifically for Yeti or only make existing streamed games available.”

Yeti is claimed to be the “Netflix for games”, with a games library hosted on remote servers and video streaming to dedicated hardware.

No official word has come from Google as yet, but many industry analysts expect some sort of announcement at the Games Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this week.

If the rumours prove true then Google Yeti will be a subscription-based platform, allowing users to search through a library of games and play them in real time.

This would negate having to purchase a physical game or a digital download individually, the game would simply be streamed to your device over the internet.

A project timeline is still unknown as for the cost, other rumours suggested that Yeti will be a paid subscription service akin to Netflix, similar services such as PlayStation Now and Nvidia GeForce Now cost £12.99 and £7.29 respectively, so we would expect Google to have a similar price point upon release.

As soon as we have any more information you will be the first to know.


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