Google reveals the most popular How To searches


A new site from Google’s New Labs has revealed which are the most popular how to questions people ask Google Search.

The global top 10 list of “how to” queries comprised of the following:

1: how to tie a tie

2: how to kiss

3: how to get pregnant

4: how to lose weight

5: how to draw

6: how to make money

7: how to make pancakes

8: how to write a cover letter

9: how to make French toast

10: how to lose belly fat

The top question in the US and Canada was “how to fix a toilet” although it appears that this seems less important in other countries as it failed to make the top 10.

In Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, the issue that caused most concern was how to fix a washing machine.

It is also possible to find out the most popular post by region.

In Thailand one of the most popular searches is how to fix a window whilst other popular searches globally included “how to fix hard slime” and “how to fix sticky slime”!

When it came to cooking, Thais were searching for tips on how to make pancakes, under the section dubbed ‘love stuff’, how to kiss and how to get pregnant were the top two searches fro Thais online, which were also the same top two results in that section globally.


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