Google rolls out important security update for Gmail app


In the wake of the devastating phishing scam that hit Gmail users earlier this week, Google is beefing up security on its email service.

The attack was snuffed out within “approximately one hour”, with the tech giant saying that only around 0.1% of accounts were affected.

The scam sent an apparently innocent Google Doc from what appeared to be a known user with an invitation to open and edit.

This then sent you to a Google page prompting users to permit a legitimate-looking service, called Google Docs, to access their email data.

Those behind the attack would then gain access to your account which would then allow them to distribute the link to even more email addresses.

Google claims that it was only contact information that was stolen and no further action is required.

Gmail has been the subject of several attacks in recent months so it is always advisable to remain vigilant and only click on links that you know to be safe – easier said than done on many occasions.

Only back in January, users were tricked after a phishing scam analysed and mimicked previous messages and data to create very convincing emails.

Advice to users is to visit Google’s Security Checkup Page to review account permissions.

A security update has also been released for the Android version of the Gmail app that is designed to offer further protection against phishing scams.

“When you click on a suspicious link in a message, Gmail will show a warning prompt helping you keep your account safe,” the company said in a blog post.

The update is being rolled out gradually, and should be available to most users this week.


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