Google to Shut Down Google Helpouts


Early Friday morning, the Google Helpouts app disappeared from the Google Play and iTunes store. The app allows for an expert video chat service. Using the service, users could connect for free and paid advice using sessions.

A big hit amongst experts, Helpouts allowed for Beauty, Cooking, Photography and a variety of other professionals to offer a premium service to others.

The pulled app’s demise was not immediately announced. Following the removal from both Google Play and iTunes, Google posted an announced that the service would be shutting down for good on April 20, 2015. A message has been posted on the Google Helpouts website to reflect the closure.

The company provides only a slight clue as to why the service has shut down: lack of growth. Google mentions that the pace of Google Helpouts did not grow as expected, leading to the product closing down for good. Users will have the chance to download all of their Helpouts’s history using Google Takeout. History will be available until November 1st. Afterwards, all data will be deleted.

One of the major blows to the service came just months ago with the European Union changing its tax laws. The service was forced to shut down its paid feature due to difficulty maintaining proper tax accordance. Ultimately, all EU customers were now only allowed to use free Helpouts, cutting into a large chunk of the service’s expected revenue.

All providers in the U.K. and Ireland are advised to only offer free Helpouts.

The Google Play store pulled the app earlier this month with the iOS app being pulled this morning. While never gaining expected traction, users of Google Helpouts did not flock to the app as expected. Before being taken down, the app ranked below #1,500 on any app store category, leaving it unranked and highly unpopular despite reaching the 29th spot shortly after debuting on Google Play.