Google steps up Gmail security amid warnings of ‘government backed attacks’


Google has announced several new security features for Gmail designed to help give users more protection from malicious links and government sponsored cyber attacks.

On its security blog, Google revealed that Gmail users will soon receive full page warnings about visiting websites which it thinks may be suspicious.

The new warnings will read: “Warning — visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

Users will also start receiving warnings if Google suspects your Gmail account is being targeted as part of a government sponsored cyber attack.

Gmail has been warning users about possible state sponsored hacks since 2012.

Gmail warning

However, rather than being displayed only in the address bar the new full page warnings are far more visible and states more information about a possible attack.

“There’s a chance this is a false alarm, but we believe that government-backed attackers may be trying to trick you to get your Google Account password,” Google’s warning states.

The new security measures comes as Google revealed that more than 1 million Gmail users have been warned by Google that they could be the victim of a government backed attack. Most of these users are thought to be journalists, political or human rights activists, policy makers or those involved in handling sensitive information. While 1 million sounds like a lot people, it actually only amounts to about 0.1 percent of Gmail users.

Google has been doing a lot regarding email security of late.

Earlier this week it announced that along with the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo and LinkedIn it has made a proposal to the Internet Engineering Task Force to ensure that all email is encrypted.


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