Google testing new panic mode to help keep Android users safe from malware


Google is working on a new ‘panic mode’ feature for Android.

The feature is designed to help protect users from malware and other malicious threats and will let you quickly escape an infected app if it tries to take control of your phone.

The reaction of most users is to tap the back key if they suspect they may have opened a dodgy link or installed a malicious app.

No Google new feature called ‘Panic Detection’ aims to give users quick and easy route back to safety as it is able to recognise when you desperately want to close an app.

The feature, which was first spotted by XDA Developers, automatically kicks in if you tap on the back button four times in quick succession, which will take you back to the safety of your home screen.

If an app attempts to take over your device and prevents you from closing it down, panic detection will quickly let you close down the malicious app.

Once you are back to safety, the feature will let you know what went wrong and remove the dodgy app.

Panic Detection seems to be in beta phase just now and it hasn’t yet started rolling out to users.

However, once it is ready, it will be an incredibly useful and much welcomed addition to Google’s mobile operating system.

It is not clear if Panic Detection will be only be available in the latest version of Android or if it will also be rolled out to users running older versions.

Expect the feature to be available later this year, when Google rolls out Android O, the next version of its operating system for smartphones and tablets.


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