Google Thailand focuses on well-off online consumers



GOOGLE THAILAND is targeting online consumers with high spending power rather than traditional consumers after a joint research with TNT Research International (Thailand).

April Sirikorn, industry head of Google Thailand, said that the study of consumers’ purchasing behaviour, titled “Path”, focused on the purchases of a variety of consumer items between 2015 to 2016, among 4,000 households with family members aged from 18 to 60.

Of the 4,000 households, 2,360, or 59 per cent, had access to the Internet and 1,640 households had no Internet access. The research found that 61 per cent of Internet-connected households used smartphone to access product information before making a decision on purchases.

More than 58 per cent of these households discovered new brands during their search to buy products on the Internet.

Moreover, about 80 per cent of these households turned to the Internet to access information on baby care products April added that 86 per cent of the surveyed households would search for product information before deciding on their choices.

The research was conducted among households residing in Bangkok and urban areas (45 per cent) and those living in the provinces (55 per cent).

“I think that customers in the digital era will spend time to search and access information when purchasing online. Hence there is high potential for businesses to promote their products online to meet the demand of the modern consumers,” she said.


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