Google Thailand wants to get more Thai businesses online


Pete Nuchanatanon, Google Thailand’s newly appointed head of marketing, says he wants more small and medium sized enterprises to benefit from being online and using Google’s services.

Google Thailand currently offers 45 different products and services including Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Translate, AdWords, Adsense and Trends.

Pete told The Nation that he is focusing on four main areas, which includes helping those people who already are online and helping those who already use Google’s products, whilst at the same time increasing local content and helping Thai businesses build a presence online. Currently, only around 10 percent of Thai businesses are online.

Pete Nuchanatanon, Google Thailand

Pete Nuchanatanon, Google Thailand. Pic: Google+


“The four main tasks are correlated. Our role is to get the rest of Thais to go online and to recognise the benefit of the Internet, while getting Thai businesses to have an online presence.

“Especially, only 10 per cent of Thai small and medium enterprises are online. Our task is to help 90 per cent of them to be online and benefit from being online. How good it will be if 100 per cent of companies can reach 100 per cent of customers who are searching for their products and services,” Pete added.


Recent years has seen mobile penetration in Thailand surge, which is fuelling rapid growth in people using the Internet, particularly from smartphones and tablets. However, Pete also believes that Internet penetration will reach 100 percent and that the amount spent on digital advertising will also continue to grow.


Pete also told the The Nation how the government’s digital economy, which includes the creation of a national affordable broadband network which will provide low cost high speed Internet access to all of Thailand’s 75,000 villages within the next two and half years, will also help to accelerate Internet penetration in Thailand.





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  2. Laurie Cornelius on

    There is no point in Thai businesses going online with websites until they actually employ staff who are capable of reading and answering an email written in English. My experience of Thai businesses & even Government departments online is that it always says on the website that they will reply to emails within 48 hours, but if it is written in English 19 times out of 20 it is ignored as they have no-one capable of reading or replying to it. Until this changes they might just as well advertise in Thai on facebook rather than going for Worldwide coverage which they are incapable of applying any kind of customer support or even response to…

  3. thaiwebsitedesign on

    Pete is a liar. His only interested for people being online is that they pay always more expensive Google adsense advertising….