Google Timelapse shows how the world has changed since 1984


Google users can now get an in depth look at how the planet has changed thanks to the launch of a major new feature in Google Earth.

The tech giant has partnered with TIME magazine to update Google Timelapse.

The new feature, which is available in Google Earth, lets users view satellite images over the past 30 years to see how the places have changed across the world.

The new update to Google Timelapse, which was first launched in 2013, lets users look all the way back to 1984, four years more than was available previously.

The update also adds additional data from newer satellites to give more detailed and sharper images than ever before.

This means that you can clearly track the expansions of cities such as Bangkok or other sprawling urban areas around the world or to track the changing courses of rivers or retreating glaciers.

Google says the update to Timelapse incorporates the same technology it added into Google Maps and Google Earth earlier this year.

Users can benefit from the new update by heading to the Google Earth website, while some of the most notable images have been made available in a YouTube playlist.

The update to Timelapse comes as Google continues to ramp up the capabilities of its mapping services.

This year has seen frequent updates to Google Maps, the most recent of which being a new feature called Traffic Nearby, which is being rolled out to users on Android.

The handy feature gives you real time data on road congestion or anything that may delay your journey.


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