Google Tips: Here are 78 cool things you can do with Google


Google has a really useful resource called Google Tips, which provides quick and easy to understand info on Google products and services.

Earlier this week, Google Tips shared “78 things you didn’t know you could with Google”, which offers info on all manner of things from internet and password security to creating awesome videos and texting without using your thumbs.

Whilst experienced Android or Google users might already be aware of some of the tips, there are still plenty of useful hints that can be beneficial to not only Android users but to just about anyone with a Google account.

The list of 78 tips is broken down into different categories based around productivity, time saving, having fun and being secure.

You can also search for tips related to a specific Google Product such as Android, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and more.

If you’re interested check out the list in full using the link above. Here are some of our favourites:

Unsending an email in Gmail

We’ve all done it at one time or another. You hit send then realise you’ve made an extremely unfortunate typo or worse still, sent a confidential email to the wrong recipient. However, you need never worry about this kind of thing again as Gmail has a function that lets you recall an email upto ten seconds after you’ve sent it, without the recipient being any the wiser. Watch the video to find out how to enable Gmail’s most useful feature.


Quickly changing your phone’s wallpaper

Like a can of Ronseal, this tip it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s so simple and offers an easy way of changing your Android wallpaper in a matter of seconds.

Never miss something important with Google Keep

There are a variety of note taking apps out there and whilst the likes of Evernote and One Note are both excellent in their own right, Google’s in house note taking platform Google Keep also great.

Google Keep is really easy to use and simple in its design yet can easily stand up against against either of the aforementioned. Perhaps one of Android’s best kept secrets, you can use Google Keep to make sure you never miss an appointment or forget an important task.

You can also use voice commands to write notes and make lists or even take a photo of something you want to search for later.

Take a look at the rest of the things you didn’t know you can do with Google here


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  1. A lot about mobile use. Pretty cool, dude!
    My favourite services of google are ( translation..can even put it on your website and get users to view the site in there own language) and (yes, a map of the world) and Did not really see those services listed here. I might not look good. 🙂 But if not listed. We got em listed now! 🙂