Google to Adopt Age-Based Rating System for Apps


Google is adopting an age-based rating system for apps in the Google Play store. The new system is aimed at parents, helping them determine which apps are suitable for their children.

Google’s new rating system is automated, so developers only need to answer questionnaires to get a recommended rating for their app. Safeguards are also in place in case the automated rating is incorrect. Oversight from rating agencies and Google Play itself will help correct any improper ratings.

To generate an automated rating, developers will be asked questions about their app, such as whether images contain nudity or strong language is used.

Similar to the system used to rate video games in stores, apps can be rated:

  • eC for Early Childhood
  • E for Everyone
  • E 10+ for Everyone 10+ years of age
  • T for Teens
  • M for Mature
  • AO for Adults Only
  • RP for Rating Pending

One great thing about this new system is that local customs in various parts of the world can develop their own automated rating systems. Google says the key important thing is to allow developers to better label their apps to target the right audience.

Google will be implementing its age-based rating system into all apps in the coming weeks.


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