Google to launch YouTube Connect live streaming app


After the launch of Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s Live, Google have decided to get in on the act.

A new app, reportedly called YouTube Connect, will enable any user to broadcast video direct from their smartphone using their existing Google or YouTube accounts.

The content can be viewed by subscribers and is seen as a big step forward in online media.

The videos can be watched live or replayed at a later date within the app. It is expected that the videos will also be available through the user’s YouTube account although it is believed that there will be no integrations with either Facebook or Twitter.

It appeared to be an area that Google had shown little interest after the release of Meerkat more than 12 months ago but the success of Periscope and Live has meant that the app needed to be prioritised after Facebook’s watch numbers had impressed broadcasters.

To put this in context, Mashable the tech and culture site broadcast eight videos for Facebook Live and these videos managed to gain an impressive 2.3 million views at the start of March 2016. The potential audience for both Facebook and Twitter is seen as massive with 1.59 billion and 320 million active monthly users respectively.

YouTube is seen as a major threat to both of these players with it already having its own devoted audience.

Live Streaming is something that they already offer through Creator Studio although the general consensus is that this is somewhat limited.

The date for the release of YouTube Connect has yet to be announced although the Google developer conference will be held in mid-May, where it is rumoured to be officially launched.



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