Google Translate gets major update


Google has updated arguably one its most useful and practical applications.

Google Translate’s latest update brings the new ‘Tap to Translate’ feature to Android and an offline mode to iOS.

Tap to Translate enables you can simply copy a string of text and a small button will appear in the app that you are using. If you tap on the bubble the text will be instantly translated in a popover window.

The window is also capable of letting users know how the text sounds in native tongue and the type and translate option allows those using the app to reply to friends and colleagues in another language.

The aims of these features are to reduce the need to copy and paste text to and from Google translate. The feature supports all 103 languages and is also capable of working offline.

The offline mode that is now available for iOS users, something that had been available on Android for a while, is another new addition.

Thai menu at Kelly Hotel Phuket. Aroy na

Thai menu at Kelly Hotel Phuket. Aroy na

While the Tap to Translate feature is a welcome addition anyone who has ever tried to translate Thai to English will know that it is not always accurate and is perhaps the cause of the humorous street signs and restaurant menus we’ve all seen around Thailand.

With that being said, 500 million users around the world use it each month for translations.


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