Smartphones dominate Google searches in Thailand


This year’s Google Year in Search has revealed some very interesting results for the way that we search, on a range of topics such as News, Politics, Technology and Sport. We’ve already covered the top 10 global results in this article, but we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the consumer electronics space (after all, this is a tech site!).

Mobiles dominate the Google charts in 2014

In Thailand, mobile devices once again dominate the charts as shown below. Fairly predictably, Apple has a few entries, the iPhone 6 being the top search in Thailand in terms of electronics and gadgets. Last year, Apple also held the top spot with the then-new iPhone 5s, and this time around they also managed to have four entries in the chart with the iPhone 6, iOS 8, iPad Air and iPhone 5c.

Google Trends - Oppo Find 7

Samsung also featured twice in the chart with the Galaxy S5, and almost the identical search (this time in Thai) with Samsung S5. The presence of “Line Store” at number 2 this year indicates the popularity of the social media app, which is the most popular of its kind in Japan and also in Thailand.

Interestingly, lesser-known (in the West) smartphone manufacturers such as Zenfone and Oppo also managed to make an impact in 2014, perhaps because those devices are targeted at emerging cost-sensitive markets such as Thailand.

Google Trends - Electronics Thailand


If we compare the Thailand searches with those globally, there’s a slightly different picture. The top 6 entries are dominated by smartphones with the iPhone 6 coming out on top (incidentally, that device is still in very short supply, such has been the record-breaking demand this year), with entries from Samsung, Google and LG also rounding out the lists.

With a nod to the increasing popularity of wearables, the Apple Watch also made an appearance in the global charts at number 8, but no other wearable devices made the cut.

Microsoft’s games console, the Xbox One also came in at number 7, reflecting the launch of the new system and the rising popularity that it’s currently enjoying (the Xbox recently overtook the Sony Playstation 4 in terms of sales).

Google Trends - Electronics GlobalAll in all, it’s been a great year for mobile technology and gadgets, especially in Thailand where we’ve seen all the major companies update their flagship phones as well as a raft of new devices from Chinese and Thai manufacturers.

It will be interesting to see whether the expected explosion in wearables around the world makes as much of an impact in Thailand in 2015.



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