Google Trips: New app wants to plan your holiday and be your tour guide


Google have released a new app that it hopes will take away your holiday stress.

The new app, Google Trips gives you all the information you could ever need o know about the new place that you are visiting and is described as a ‘personalised tour guide in your pocket’.

Google Trips is available on both iOS and Android and has information on flights, local places of interest, hotels and even has GPS directions.

The new app is capable for bringing all the information from your Gmail account together such as flight details, hotels and car hire and combine them in one easy to use tab.

Once at your destination it can then create a detailed activity plan suggesting sites and activities for you to see and do in around 200 cities around the world.

Google Trips

One great advantage about the app is that it works offline so you won’t need to worry about roaming charges.

The launch of Google Trips follows on quickly from the announcement about updates to Google Maps, which now offers information on local businesses and attractions even if you can’t speak the local language.

The recent updates to Google Maps adds several new categories that make finding local attractions, places of interest or businesses easier than ever.


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