Google unveils Android O – here’s a quick look at the new features


The preview of the next version of Android has been launched for developers giving us an idea about the future of mobile software.

The new OS will be known after a sweet beginning will the letter ‘O’ in keeping with previous versions such as Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat but for the moment will be known as Android O.

We are unaware if there will be any major design changes as Android has focused on revealing tweaks to the OS’s core features.

Battery life has long been a problem for all Android devices and Google want to improve this by reducing the amount of apps that run in the background.

This follows on from similar changes to Google Chrome that also saw the latest version of the browser reduce the number of background tabs that are running.

Notifications will now also have a snooze facility which will be useful during meetings or other times when it is inconvenient to use your device.

The notifications will also be able to be filtered into different subjects therefore offering the user greater control of what actually appears and when.

Also coming is a picture-in-picture mode for video apps,, audio enhancements, multi-display support, improved keyboard navigation and adaptive icons for users running Android apps on Chrome OS.

Android O can now be downloaded right now but you need be a software developer for one of Google’s Nexus or Pixel devices and is currently only intended to be used by these developers.

The final version in expected to be released in the autumn but an updated version of the preview will be available to other users soon.


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