Google X develops new health-focused wristband


Sometimes, Google reveals what crazy projects they’ve been working on inside the Google X Labs. Recently, there have been glucose contact lenses for diabetes patients, Google Glass, self-driving cars, and much more. Now, Google has shown off a new health tracking wristband that can monitor hear rate and rhythm, skin temperature, and information such as light exposure and noise levels.

Google X wristband is not a smartwatch

Unfortunately, this all sounds great but it’s not actually a smartwatch. Google has made it clear this is a health and activity tracker that will have medical uses for patients and clinical trials.

“Our intended use is for this to become a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials”, says Andy Conrad, head of the life sciences team at Google. “I envision a day, in 20 or 30 years, where physicians give it to all patients”, he said. “Prevention means all the time”. Great, so not only does Google already know almost everything about you, but it also wants to know all about your health too…

Conrad says that Google is looking to obtain clearance so the company can use the device in the USA and Europe. Furthermore, Google plans to find a manufacturing partner and start testing the band over the summer.

The device already surfaced at the FCC (the body in America that clears devices for communications). Many people thought it was at the time a future version of Google Glass thanks to the design of its electronic label, but other information revealed later that it was instead a kind of smartwatch with health and activity tracking, codenamed “capicola”, and designed for use in internal Google Life Sciences studies. And this now appears to be that very device…



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