Google’s affordable Chromebit dongle turns any TV into a Chrome PC


Earlier this week Google announced two new Chrome powered computers, which are aimed at consumers on a budget, schools and users in developing markets.

As well as the new Chromebooks, another addition to the new range included a device called the Chromebit, which looks just like a USB memory stick.

Made by Asus, the Chromebit can be connected directly to any PC monitor or TV via the HDMI port to turn any modern display into a fully functioning computer.

Inside, the Chromebit has pretty much the same specs as the new Chromebooks, boasting 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and is powered by Rockchip’s 3288 processor.

On the reverse end of the Chromebit, Asus has also added a USB 2.0 port which is used to connect any peripherals to the device such as a keyboard or mouse. The Chromebit also has Bluetooth capabilities.


Chromebit runs Google’s Chrome OS, which is the company’s web based software that is built around Google’s Chrome web browser and works with web based applications and chrome extensions, as well as a small selection of Android apps.

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Chrome OS differs from the likes of Windows or OS X in that it is almost totally web based, storing most of its users’ files and data on its Google Drive cloud storage service.

With the Google Chromebit being aimed at developing markets, it is expected to be available in Thailand later this year, although we are still awaiting official confirmation from Google with regards to an official release date and pricing in Thailand. Google has said the Chromebit will be cost “less than $100” and will be available in the United States this summer.

Source: Google Chrome Blog