Google’s Cloud Dataflow is Now Open to Developers


Google’s Cloud Dataflow will now be open to developers. The search engine giant announced a few updates to its cloud-based big data products in Brussels today at the Hadoop Summit. Among the announcements is the launch of Cloud Dataflow open beta, which is Google’s solution for big data processing.

Google also announced an update to BigQuery. The big data database service will now be available in the company’s European data servers. Row-level permissions have also been introduced.

Google debuted its Cloud Dataflow service last June during its yearly developer conference. The service remained in private alpha stage until today. Now, any interested developer can give the service a try, but no SLA is available yet as the product is still in beta.

Cloud Dataflow processes data in batches and as streams and will automatically scale to the developer’s needs. While Cloud Dataflow may be a new service, BigQuery has been around for about 5 years. But starting today, users can now host all of their big data on Google’s European servers. This is a feature that many customers have been asking for due to data sovereignty in Europe.

With the addition of Cloud Dataflow, Google now has three products in its big data lineup, including BigQuery and Cloud Pub/Sub, a messaging service.


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