Google’s new Chrome update solves a really annoying problem


Google have rolled out a new update to its Chrome web browser which promised to fix one of its most annoying problems.

The update has added a new feature called “scroll anchoring”, which should prevent webpages suddenly jumping back to the top of the page when you scroll down as the once the page has finished loading.

On its official blog, Google said: “One of the strengths of the web is progressive loading, which means that there is no install step and users can start consuming content almost immediately while the site keeps loading.

“But progressive loading can also result in annoyances, such as an unexpected page jump when offscreen content loads and pushes down what’s currently on the screen.

“This can be even worse on mobile devices, since smaller screens mean more content is offscreen and page jumps are more likely.”

Explaining how scroll anchoring works, Google said: “This feature works by locking the scroll position on an on-screen element to keep our users in the same spot even as offscreen content continues to load.”

This means that when the page finishes loading it will not jump back to the top of the page.

Here is an example of scroll anchoring in Chrome

The news comes after Google released an update in March that makes it less power hungry.

Following the release of Chrome 57, Google’s web browser is now more efficient than ever before and now places less demand on your computer’s battery.

Google says Chrome can save battery power by throttling the amount of power used by background tabs.


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