Google’s new My Activity feature reveals how much it knows about you – and it’s a lot


Google’s new My Activity site lists all the information Google knows about you – and it’s an awful lot.

Depending on your settings, the new My Activity page remembers all the websites you have visited as well as the things that you have done with your phone.

Google has allowed users to see the kind of information stored for a while but the new page brings them all together in a more accessible manner.

The page not surprisingly catalogs the sites you have visited and what you have searched for. You can even look at this timeline through filters that allow you to view those using specific products such as Google search, YouTube or Android.

Google tries to demystify privacy controls with new approach

The first time you open the page a series of pop-ups will be displayed explaining why Google collects and stores so much data.

You will be able to see what you have searched for in the past and remind yourself of things that you have long since forgotten about.

The information that is collected explains how Google uses its ads services. Basically by tracking user’s activity it can tailor ads to suit their interests.

The site also allows users to opt out of tracking completely or delete some information which may be a relief to some users!

You can control what and how much data Google stores about you by heading to the Activity Controls page and turning off each of the options regarding data collection.

Users aren’t automatically opted into this feature although they are encouraged to use it to make advertising more helpful as well as allowing users to stop any ads that they don’t want to see.


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