Google’s Project Ara Might Launch in August


Back in January, Google announced Project Ara – a game-changing smartphone. At the MWC in Barcelona, a little-known smartphone maker Yezz gave us a clue that Project Ara might be launched as early as August.

Project Ara is a completely new smartphone concept. How? It’s modular. Rather than upgrading to a new device every year – or every few months – you simple upgrade different parts of your phone. Want a new processor? Slip a new one in just like you would a new SIM card.

Yezz unveiled a new range of modules that will be compatible with Ara in Barcelona this week. Yezz is giving the modules an August 2015 release date, but it’s still unclear which modules will actually be available. The company’s line-up included storage modules, NFC chips and a gaming controller.

The modules connect to the smartphone’s base via magnets and feature different designs. Storage modules for music, for instance, feature music cassette decals. These designs add even more opportunities to customize your device. The company also unveiled its core standard configuration for the phone, which includes two modules in the front and eight in the back. Just about everything from the phone’s display to its camera, speaker, battery and processor can be customized.

Yezz says it’s contributing to the “vast accessibility” Ara offers, and that establishing a module marketplace will allow for the utmost in smartphone customization. It’s a safe bet that Yezz won’t be the only one involved in Project Ara, but it’s one of the first companies to announce modules compatible with Google’s smartphone concept.

Google has already announced plans to launch the first generation of Ara handsets in Puerto Rico later this year. With Yezz planning to release its modules in August, there’s a good chance Google will be launching Ara around the same time. No details have been confirmed by Google as of yet.