Google’s Project Fi Information Leaked


Google’s Project Fi, also known as Nova, has had a few details leaked. A leak found within the Nexus 6 firmware allowed Android Police to dig up some interesting information about the project. First, Project Fi allows users to utilize mobile data in a new way – kind of like Ting – but a little different.

Instead of a normal pay-as-you-go service, you’re paying for an estimated amount of data. This means you can buy 5GB of data and prepay for it. However, if you don’t exceed or meet your estimated data, you’ll get credit back. Even if you go over your data limits, you’ll only be charged by the gigabyte – no overage fees included.

Further information was leaked showing that Google will increase network coverage by working with T-Mobile and Sprint in the United States. This will allow for the utmost in coverage and connection strength for users.

Google’s Project Fi – or Nova – may have a completely different name when it’s released to the public. There has been no information provided as to what rates will be when the service comes out. With the ability to make VOIP calls, if the service is affordable, many users may switch to data-only plans to lower service costs.