Google’s sneaky trick to make Firefox users switch over to Google Search


Google has launched an aggressive new marketing ploy to try and ensure users of Mozilla Firefox revert to using Google Search when browsing the Internet.

Since last Friday, some Firefox users have been greeted with a message asking them to make Google their default search engine.

The move by Google was branded as “desperate” by Search Engine Land, who first reported the story, adding that Google “practically begs Firefox users to make Google their default search engine”.

Google message on Firefox

Google’s message which greet Firefox users. Pic: Search Engine Land

There hasn’t exactly been any love lost between Google and Mozilla in recent years, especially after Mozilla recently announced that it would no longer be using Google as the default search engine for Firefox, with the company choosing to use Yahoo instead.

This has seen Yahoo Search make some gains on Google and resulted in Google Search losing some of its 75 percent share of the U.S market for the first time in five years.

For the last five years, Google has also been the default search for Apple’s Safari browser. However, the partnership is due to end later this and Google is expected to be replaced with either Bing or Yahoo.

Source: Search Engine Land



  1. thanks, as I had not noticed it. I am using DuckDuckGo for all my browsers, since Google is American. But if Firefox would to make Yahoo a standard search engine, I would run back to Google as Yahoo is a very intruding software company, that some years constantly installed itself in the search bar and as search engine. I had to go deep into the config routine to reject Yahoo as the normal search engine manager was also disabled by Yahoo. Since then, never any Yahoo product on my machines.
    Now happy to continue using DuckDuckGo!

  2. Dexter Marlowe on

    the sneakiest company there is! Google is great as a search engine. but it sucks as a company!